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Welcome to the fighters diet, and a

If you are a fighter who is looking to cut weight, increase your performance, feel healthier and stronger, or you are just an average joe who wants to look like a fighter, This diet is for you! After years of working with combat athletes and dealing with the special considerations each one faces, I have come up with an eating strategy that has been extremely successful. Is it the only way? No, there are many successful diet plans out there. The success of this diet has been the way it addresses simplicity and the overall health of the athlete. I have found when dieting the simplest format is usually the easiest for us to follow, especially in the cutting phase. I have seen and tried many different diet approaches over the years and this program by far has been the most successful. The athletes I have helped, including myself have gained tremendous benefits.

"I was amazed to see that how quickly the pounds fell off. I started at 185 and made it down to 155 for weigh ins and was looking and feeling great! While on the diet had plenty of energy, and really was never hungry. I can easily say that after being on this diet and doing the training that I was doing, put me in the best shape of my life."
- Dan Gardner, Throwdown Fighter

In a world where we have a million choices pulling us in a million different directions, I appreciate you taking the time for the visit. I know, if you allow it, this could change the way you look at how you eat and hopefully help you reach whatever goals you may have. I will say that the diet is not for everybody. If you are looking for a quick fix, or something easy, this isn't it. Cutting weight or losing fat requires some discipline, despite what some ads say. If it was so easy, everybody would have a six pack and boundless energy and vitality. As you browse the site, keep in mind that the people represented are real, I , myself, have used these techniques and tips to improve my life. I am not a marketer, I am a person just like you, who through a whole lot of trial and error found some thing that worked. I have also been very fortunate to know and be mentored by some of the most brilliant people. I encourage you to email me if you have any questions. Yes I am selling a product . I have a vested interest in this for me and my young family but the value of the diet far exceeds the cost. It is very important to me to leave a legacy of honesty and integrity for my children to follow. I am more than happy to help in any way I can. Thank you, and live with Passion!

Oh... wait, just a few more things. Go ahead and check out the video, and recipe sections. I welcome and look forward to any questions or comments you are willing to share. I look forward to this journey, thanks again.

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The 100 Day Challenge Starts NOW! The challenge has begun! The first emails just went out so check your inbox if you signed up! If you haven't join then Join Now. Just make sure to include your name in your email!

The 100 Day Challenge Is About To Start! We are kicking off the new year right with the aFightersDiet 100 Day Challenge! For more info about the Challenge Click Here. To sign up for the 100 Day Challenge and change your life Join Now and to send us a email and we will enter you into the challenge!

The Throwdown Showdown V Fights where awesome! Rad Martinez and Steven Siler had great fights and retained their titles after both having 5 round fights. We will post pictures of them sporting our new shirts soon! Why wait? Order your Fighters Diet Book today!

Derek Downey's Results! Check out Derek "The Gentleman" Downey's before and after pictures! It will shock and amaze you! aFightersDiet is the real deal and a must have! Order yours today!

A Fighters Diet is ready! We are excited that to announce that the book is ready. If you are a MMA Fighter, a Wrestler, or just want to get ripped (and stay ripped) this is a must have! Order yours today!

UFC Fighters Testimonials Coming Soon! We have been telling you this diet is the real deal. In the next 30 days we will have testimonials from UFC Fighters that have used the diet with amazing results so check back soon!

Fighters Diet Coming Along Great. We are happy to announce that "A Fighters Diet" is coming along great and we are almost ready for Pre-Orders! There will be over 20 Recipes for the maintinence phase of the diet. The cutting phase is strict, but well worth it! Everything is explained as to why it's done this way and how to do it. We leave the guess work out of the diet and have real world results!

Dan Gardner's Results: Dan has sent us before and after pictures with his results with our diet! He lost 30lbs. in just 17 days!
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