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Stay Hungry…

In life, this mantra is the catalyst for growth and success. We must stay hungry to thrive in an environment that requires our laser-like attention. We must be hungry for victory and dare I say, have an undying relentless hunger for victory.

To stay hungry, we must realize why we do what we do. Because when we realize why we do what we do it must not be for the finish line because the finish line always changes. It is fluid. We must realize that it is the art of living completely in each moment, that keeps the fire burning. The joy is in the doing. We must look at each practice, each training session, and every recovery session as a victory in itself. What I will show you in the books focus, will help you get into the mindset of what we eat and more importantly, how we eat.

We are more alert and most importantly, more aware when we do not over eat. We can be active with plenty of energy. We do not get sleepy or sluggish when we make the concious decision to under eat. Portion control is THE MOST important area we can focus on during our journey, especially in seeking victory.

Carbohydrate restriction is another crucial element we will focus on during this refining process. When we restrict carbohydrates, we limit the insulin response in our bodies. There are many brilliant scientists out there that have covered this thoroughly, so I will not bore you here. I will attach some data at the end of the book to address the science behind carbohydrate restriction. I will say... carbohydrate restriction has been one of the major breakthroughs for me personally. I have had years of anecdotal success with following this simple principle. It has made a profound impact on my body fat percentage and my performance physically and mentally.

There have been numerous low carb diets publicized in recent years. The problem I have found with most of them is the food choices recommended. We must pay attention to the types and quality of our food or we are going to miss the boat. As much as I enjoy the taste of bacon, it really has no place in a healthy diet. Having good healthy food selections in our homes and being aware to the less obvious considerations i.e. where our food comes from and the integrity of the supplier of the food. It seems to be a strange idea that we must buy our food from integrous companies, or farms. If a company fails to uphold their integrity on matters of treatment of employees, animals, environment, their community, then the quality of the food will be poor on many levels. We must take a stand. We must ensure that we support companies that uphold the highest standards of integrity. I will give some tips and some articles at the end of the book to help understand how to put this into action.

I have, for many years now, worked with professional athletes on their diets. I look forward to helping you as well. I know if you choose to be open to the ideas I present, that it will improve your life. My hope is that you will enjoy this journey and that it will improve not only your life, but your way of life as well, and your sense of well being.

Your friend,

Jason Mertlich
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